SMB Application Server

Build your own cloud software needs at your pace & budget.

Depending on size, integration and needs. We can start you on the most basic of infrastructure needs to allow you to start building your own business application. This is enterprise level programming coming to small & mid-size businesses like never before.

Typical application server needs run approximately $249 – $2000/month depending on technology and labor needs.

What we offer

We provide cloud based systems that improve your business efficiency and capabilities daily. From introducing online forms that help save countless hours of labor all the way to complex builds that automate your business.

Features we offer include, but are not limited to:


Workflow systems that help daily movements of information & procedures.

Custom Online
Forms Solution

Simple forms and data can now be brought to life in ways never imagined before.


We can help integrate systems across your organization for efficiency.


Electronic Data Interchange services now available to help grow your company and increase revenue.


We are certified and ready for your healthcare data storage & handling needs.


We are PCI compliant and ready to help you create secure financial data solutions.


Start your own membership management portal and solve your custom needs.


Own multi-unit properties? Give renters the ability to pay online. Contact Us.


Got a business idea for an online portal? We can build it. Let’s get started.

…and that’s just the beginning

We create custom online systems & software based on what your company needs to embed itself in an efficient daily workflow. These tools and services become fundamental technology that helps in your day-to-day tasks. Our method allows you to start small and scale up, while building features and solutions that matter most.

Automation for everyone

Imagine if you could save an hour or more a day on common repetitive tasks by having smart systems do the work.

  • Saved hour a day translates into 261 hours saved in a year. Imagine how much more you can accomplish!

  • Time is money. By automating the repetitive tasks, you can focus instead on creative process and make your business bloom.                      Work smarter, not harder!

  • We will create and evolve those systems for you to bring complete automation, high efficiency and an increase in productivity.

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