We Build Cloud Software
To Your Exact Needs

We build cloud portals/software applications that are customized to your exact needs. You already use systems today…example a bank login, a property management login to pay rent or mortgage online to private systems that are built for the exact needs of a business.

Where Do You Start?

The first thing we do is implement the needed I.a.a.S. (Infrastructure as a Service).
What exactly does this mean?

In many businesses today, you’ll find a common I.T. room (or “Rack Room”), that is the place where your servers, routers and databases sit. These systems run and control specialty applications depending on your needs. This hardware and software costs money. A common application would be Microsoft Server that can run a variety of applications for users.

This model of buying and maintaining equipment is the “old way”, as it represents a time of technology an infrastructure from a previous generation. Today, cloud computing has given rise to service based models that are much more cost efficient and allows for higher productivity. Even Microsoft changed it’s entire business model of selling hardware/software servers, support and licensing to now cloud solutions like Office 365, Azure and others.

Using IaaS enables us to use cutting edge hardware at lower costs and your company does not have to invest in the traditional I.T. room we have seen in application service environments. Gone are the days of having to purchase equipment, software, databases and hire human labor needed to setup and maintain the rack/data room in your facility.

That service is now possible via providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) who we have partnered with to bring you the very best in Infrastructure, Servers and Software to run custom applications on.

The cost savings example: Self-Hosting versus using AWS.


On-site equipment, servers, software, licensing and labor (industry estimates)

= $3600 +/month avg

AWS Equivalent

Avoid costly hardware, software, maintenance &labor costs.

See Calculator
= $864.07/month

This infrastructure of hardware/software is a minimum requirements you’ll need for us to
develop your Software/Cloud Based applications that will help manage your business.

Your SaaS (Software as a Service)

We Utilize AWS Network that powers your application.

Your web application now runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) network. It’s one of the world’s best IaaS & SaaS providers that power Fortune 500 companies and the government (CIA, US Army).

Amazon has built one of the most advanced (if not the best) eco-systems of services and products that is revolutionizing the world today.

As certified AWS architects and professional software developers, we are helping organizations create customized applications that solve day-to-day operational tasks.

We use AWS because it provides the best price, performance, security and innovation. We can (and do) also work with Google Cloud Compute, Microsoft Azure & IBM Cloud, depending on your needs and budget.

Your Cloud Application

Our role in developing & maintaining your business cloud software needs

Once we set you up on the AWS network, we’re ready to get started!

We’ll work with you as a virtual software development team to address your wants, needs and wishlist to help shape your cloud software system.

Depending on your company’s size and needs we will create the most cost effective solution to deploy, support and maintain software development on quoted or labor contract base. We can deliver the results equivalent of paying for the whole IT team and provide better results at a better cost.

You dream it – We build it!