What does an hour saved a day mean for you financially?
This number varies from person to person, from business to business.
Ask an unemployed man and that number may not be that high.

Ask Bill Gates, what an hour saved a day is worth for him, and that number is:
$320,000 an hour… Which equals $83,520,000 in a work year!
(as of 2019)

Time and Growth

Small and midsize businesses often direct their attention to sales and revenue in order to grow the company. The common thinking is that investing in marketing, ads, cold calling (anything that drives sales) is the only way to increase revenue.

But there is another very important area, that CEOs, managers and decision makers often tend to overlook.


Because you’re not going to see an immediate flow of dollars or overnight increase in numbers. What you WILL see, however, is improved efficiency, better work environment, higher productivity and inevitable business growth.

What is this magic pill, you may ask?

Automation & Efficiency of Human Behavior.

The area that has a major impact on your business, but rarely is looked at is labor efficiency and automating day-to-day operations.

From the moment you start working, your day is a compilation of events and movements that take time in the pursuit of your end goal:

  • Driving to/from work
  • Email communications
  • Filling out forms
  • Typing in/Re-keying data
  • Collating information
  • Analyzing data
  • File manipulation
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Scouring the web
  • Social media business engagement
  • And so many others…

And while driving will take care of itself in the near future with full autonomous vehicles and autopilot (Tesla, Waymo, Ford, GM and others working very hard on achieving that), we are still dominated by the movement and handling of data every day.

People tend to get overwhelmed, tired of routine, incurring tasks but we never think: “How can I cut these mundane movements to compile a day of efficient behavior?”

Technology has made us radically efficient already in a single generation: we are finding that we can accomplish a lot more than our parent’s generation.

What Happened?

But why did we get to the point of tremendous inefficient behavior in corporate America? Why do people feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished?

One of these reasons is that many businesses are using fragmented technological solutions, where independent contractors/companies are  creating unconnected technologies for your business needs. And it is you and your employees, who is left there to connect them or just go through inefficient procedures, which at the end makes you work even more.

Another reason is: the rush to cash in while delivering tech solutions with little to no understanding of the daily workflow and behavior of your specific business.

Companies around the world have created technology & software on the basis that it can be sold millions of times over and financially reward the creators of these systems.

From Windows to Quickbooks and others… Today’s world of software development creates solutions on their ideas of what you need. 

What if you don’t need certain features or if something almost solves an issue for you but is not 100% exactly what you need? Their approach is usually “take what we got at the moment and maybe a future update solves something you need”.

Our view at SMBCloudWare is that software and any technology should organically evolve based on your company’s movements.

We create custom-oriented environment that revolves around basic needs and tasks of everyone in your organization.

Anything your company needs: from online forms that allow you to handle clients data much easier to custom billing systems that no others provide, – the goal is to help save you time and make you radically more efficient, which helps your company grow.

Quick Example

The gain of saving your company an hour a day depends on your worth.

Let’s say Kevin makes $20/hr.

If I saved him an hour a day by automating a routine task, that’s $100/week for you, $5200 a year.

More importantly, what does an extra 261 hours a year that Kevin never had mean to the company?

It means that now Kevin has time to attend to other tasks, adding more value.

What if you are a larger company?

Let’s say you have 200 employees. It equals to $1,040,000 a year in savings.

More important than the money saved is the fact that now your business gained 52,200 hours combined!

And what happens in those extra hours: more productive and creative work? More sales? New ideas? Faster growth?

Gains compound tremendously and it helps the company’s bottom line.

Using customized technology to complete tasks makes your and your employees lives easier and increase productivity, which in turn increases your revenue.

At SMBCloudWare, we have successfully done this with many companies large and small, working one-on-one with owners and decision makers to bring efficient technological solutions.

Let us introduce them to your business.

We will save you time and make you money!

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