It all starts when I hear people say

“You know DocuSign allows you to also fill forms and digitally sign documents”

In today’s world, as we transition to digital technology. Many businesses have been utilizing services like DocuSign, SignX, AdobeEcho to basically send a form to people and have them sign digitally a contract or agreement. While these services are used heavily and well known, they represent a dying breed of business process systems in the world of true cloud computing. In this article, I am going to show you how these services really are past generation technologies and why they don’t really help you.

The Old Way of DocuSign Type Services

Current Problems
-Relies on Graphics
-Mobile Unfriendly
-No Data Management
-No Retrieval for You or Client

The Better Way
-Cut Time NOT Emailing
-Create Easy Data Inputs via web tech
-Device Friendly
-Awesome Data Management
-Awesome Retrieval for You & Client
-Using Data To Fuel Growth
-Expand Your Portal for Automation
-Re-marketing Efforts Now Exist with Data

Its for these reason that every single time I show clients the advantages, it just makes sense when they start using our platform. It puts you on a path of utilizing the next generation of technology procedures and services. It’s these advantages that slowly build within your company and make you incredibly more effective at handling data, handling clients, handling billing, accounts and lets you concentrate on the real things that grow your business.